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Download: System Requirements  (SD card purchasers can just install and go)

These maps only work with Garmin™ mapping GPS products and require a licensed copy of the Garmin™ MapSource™ program (not included).  Mapsource™ is  only available from Garmin and is the program that you must already have installed on your computer to manage your maps, and communicate with your GPS. Your Garmin GPS may come with the MapSource program. Here is a screenshot of the MapSource screen. MapSource is not available for Mac.


You must already have MapSource™ loaded on your computer. If your MapSource program is an older version then Garmin offers free updates here.


MapSource software version 6.14.1 as of July 18, 2008, seems to be causing problems with some versions of the discontinued Expeditioner. We do not recommend updating your MapSource if you are using this map. Versions up to 6.13.7 seem to work fine.

We now have a fix for this HERE

If you don't  have MapSource™ then the least expensive way I know of to get it is by buying Garmin MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager. It is available on ebay. Just go to ebay.com and search "Trip and Waypoint manager".

Memory requirements for your GPS are as follows:
Baja Navigator= 2mb
Baja Expeditioner=15.9mb
Full Mexico Atlas= 218mb

Running our maps on a laptop or notebook PC.

You will need a GPS signal from a GPS connected to your laptop. Then you will need MapSource™ (above) to load and view our maps, and a free program from Garmin™ called nRoute™. nRoute is available at http://www.gpsinformation.org/penrod/nroute/nroute.html


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