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What is Autorouting on Garmin Receivers?

Autorouting is a feature where you can simply request a destination and the gps receiver will calculate the path to the destination and guide the user to the destination with explicit turn data. In order for autorouting to work the receiver needs a map of all of the roads that are available and the database used to produce the map requires much more data than just the connections between the turns. For example it needs to know if the street is a one way street, if left turns, or for that matter if any turns, are permitted at a give intersection, and much more very specific routing data. For this reason, a receiver that supports autorouting will not be able to autoroute without a suitable map database. In addition it needs to know additional data to make an informed opinion on what might be the best route to use when there are multiple choices. The speed limit for each segment of the road is an example of this kind of information. Freeway interchanges make the routing job even worse since the turn is often in a different direction that the final desired direction. Given the amount of complicated calculations it is pretty amazing that any handheld can do a decent job of computing a route automatically.

The Baja Navigator does not contain autorouting data.

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